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  • Workshop Pengemasan Produk Kuliner
    Culinary product packaging workshop
  • Tari Tradisional di Kota Pangkalpinang
    Traditional Dance in Pangkalpinang
  • Galeri Rumah Tradisional Masyarakat Bangka
    Traditional House of Peoples Bangka
  • Bersatu Dalam Keragaman Tradisi, Budaya dan Agama
    United In Diversity of Tradition, Culture and Religion
  • Aneka Ragam Kuliner Tradisional Yang Mengundang Selera
    Wide Variety of Traditional Culinary Appetizing
  • Belajar bersama Maestro Daek bangka
    Belajar Bersama Maestro Daek Bangka
  • Kebersamaan Dalam Tradisi Nganggung
    Unity in Nganggung Tradition
  • Pownis City Tour
    Museum Timah Indonesia

welcomeFrom Pangkalpinang, The Victory Start for the StrugglingThus, one spirit saying from President Soekarno which was said  in Pangkalpinang when returned to The Capital City of Republic of Indonesia in Yogyakarta in July 6th , 1949. In the city you will find hospitality, togetherness, custom variety, religions and culture which are harmonic united in its society.Enjoy the beach beauty, taste the special food and get experience in many historical objects.

Welcome to Pangkalpinang

Tourism News

Tour Destinations

  • Kelekak Community

    Kelekak Community

    Located in forest neighborhood Taklok Tuatunu Pangkalpinang, 5 km from the city center, Kelekak Community is a community forest area developed into a natural exotic local culture wrapped in Bangka.

  • Monument of Independence Movement

    Monument of Independence Movement

    Monument of Independence movement, located on Merdeka Street area located at Tamansari (Wilhelmina Park). This monument was erected to remember the plight of farts in defense and gain independence after the proclamation of 17 August 1945, and opened by Bung Hatta in 1949.

  • Milang Ari

    Milang Ari

    Milang Ari is a ceremony associated with the crisis rate, or ceremonies related to the stages of the stages of human life, especially that associated with funerals. The family who died holding alms in memory of the deceased.


  • Water Tower

    Water Tower

    Drinking water tower is made Netherlands during the reign of JE Edie as Resident Bangka, who ruled the area since 1925. lahun He started doing research to find the source of raw water for the community Pangkalpinang the builders realized in 1927.

  • Residen House

    Residen House

    As a historic city, Pangkalpinang city has many historical heritage that can reveal the glory of a nation in the past and examine the traces of marching langkap regional development. Tourists can visit the home of the Resident. This magnificent building is located in downtown Pangkalpinang, precisely at the point of zero kilometer island of Bangka.

Pangkalpinang Tourist Information Center


  • Jalan Rasakunda, Kelurahan Sriwijaya, Kecamatan Girimaya,
    Kota Pangkalpinang, Propinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
  • Telepon : +62 (0717) 437323, 439175
    Faks: +62 (0717) 439175


  • Jalan Raya Pasir Padi, Kelurahan Tembran, Kecamatan Bukit Intan,
    Kota Pangkalpinang, Propinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung


  • Ruang Kedatangan Bandara Depati Amir Angkasa Pura II
    Propinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

Map of Pangkalpinang


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